Meet the Student Development Team

2019 – 2020

RICK ENGSTROM | Dean of Student Development

Rick serves as our Dean of Student Development. He is originally from San Diego, where he grew up at the beach or on a baseball diamond. He stayed close to home and studied philosophy and theology, and minored in psychology, at Point Loma Nazarene University. During college, Rick was involved in a variety of ministry opportunities—he was a junior high youth pastor, Resident Assistant, and youth director for a Christian non-profit which worked with homeless/at-risk teens. It was his work in the residence hall which captured his interest, and that spurred his career in student development.
Rick has worked professionally with Christian college students since 2006. That same year Rick married his wife, Shelley, who is an artist, writer and adjunct professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Rick and Shelley live on campus and enjoy frequently having students into their home. They have a son, River, and two Boston Terriers, Gracie and Nora, who also love the students of NU.

LARISSA LILLY | Director of Community Life

Larissa Lilly is the Director of Community life. Her passion is to build community and help facilitate opportunities for students to find a place to belong at Northwest. She works to do this through advising NU’s student government Associated Students of Northwest University who help oversee clubs and organizations, working with our Graduate Assistant to lead and guide SAB, and coordinating and leading Orientation. Larissa has been living life with college students for 10 years – prior to moving to Northwest in 2016 and starting her new role, she worked within residence life. Though originally from a farm in eastern Washington, Larissa has found this work has taken her all over the US, but was happy to move back to the PNW and settle down. Her top five strengths are Achiever, Responsibility, Activator, Developer and Restorative.
Larissa met her husband, Curtis, shortly after coming back to the PNW and they have a beautiful daughter Zia! In her time away from work, you can find Larissa enjoying time with her family, fellowshipping with friends over meals, or at a local coffee shop. Come on by her office in the Pecota Center and grab a piece of candy!

BLAKE SMALL | Director of Multicultural Life

Blake Small is the Director of Multicultural Life.  His role includes supervision of the student leader group MOSAIC, multicultural fellowship clubs and NU’s Act Six scholarship program.  Each of these responsibilities seek to advocate and offer opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds to find their voice at NU.  Blake moved to the Northwest in the fall of 2018.  He originally was born in South Korea but grew up in the East Valley of Phoenix, Az.  Blake earned his B.S. in Accounting from Arizona State University and his M.A. in Intercultural/Urban Studies from Moody Theological Seminary, in Chicago.  His top five strengths are Harmony, Restorative, Deliberative, Adaptability and Individualization.
Blake is married to his compassionate wife Hannah, an RN at EvergreenHealth.  Their son Elias is 10 months old and ready to take on the world.  In his free time, you can find Blake in the outdoors exploring all that Washington has to offer, hitting tennis balls or playing with his rambunctious Bernese Mountain Dog.

SARAH JOBSON | Director of Residence Life and Housing

Sarah Jobson is the Director of Residence Life an Housing. Her role involves casting vision and direction for the residence life program, traditional student housing placement, supervising Area Coordinators, mentoring and advising student leaders and encouraging community and team development. She has been working, living, and journeying alongside college students for the past 17 years. Originally from California, she has degrees in Communications, Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministries. Her top five strengths are Strategic, Activator, Achiever, Belief and Relator.
At heart, Sarah is a wife, mom, mentor and leadership coach trying to offer others the grace to be and the room to become (like someone did for her when she was in college). When not hard at work, Sarah is usually all over the place – enjoying sports and movies and everything in between. She can be found with her husband Brian, playing with their two sons or in some corner of a local bookstore getting lost in a story.

ABBY STOVALL | Housing Coordinator

Abby Stovall serves on the Student Development team as the Housing Coordinator. Her role is to help facilitate housing assignments and details for Northwest University students to help make their housing transitions simple and beneficial. She graduated from Lee University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in English, where she worked in office administration for Residential Life & Housing. She quickly fell in love with using organization and administrative detail to benefit the lives of students. She has previously worked in administration and project management for a Seattle-area nonprofit organization. Originally hailing from Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee, she is happy to be settled in to life in the Pacific Northwest. Her top five strengths are strategic, positivity, woo, communication, and ideation.
Abby is passionate about Christ, her husband Tyler, all people (and dogs), and being a part of diverse community. In her free time, she is most likely reading, painting, or eating tacos…or some combination of all three. You can find her in the Student Development office in the Pecota Student Center if you ever have a question or concern!

HAYLEY HANFORD | Area Coordinator of Guy, Perks, and Crowder Residence Halls

Hayley Hanford is the Area Coordinator for GPC.  In her role she mentors the Resident Assistants and Assistant Area Coordinator of GPC. Together they seek to provide a living community where students can grow in relationships, develop personally, find a safe space to belong, and grow together in their faith. Hayley was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She graduated with a degree in Communication from Northwest University. Her top five strengths are Developer, Maximizer, Belief, Empathy, & Positivity.
Hayley is passionate about the love of Jesus, leadership development, adoption and foster care, family, and friendship. In her free time, she enjoys photography, videography, drone photography, going to the movies, sunsets over Lake Washington, starry nights, canoeing, drinking coffee with friends, and good jams. You can find Hayley’s office next to the GPC Kitchen. She’d love for you to stop by to chat or share your current favorite song!

BROOKE WAGNER | Area Coordinator of Gray-Beatty Residence Halls

Brooke Wagner is the Area Coordinator for Gray/Beatty. In her role, she mentors the Resident Assistants and builds relationship with the residents of Gray/Beatty. Together they seek to provide a living community where students can truly find a place to call home and family, while growing spiritually, academically, relationally and emotionally. Brooke was born and raised in Northern California. She graduated with a degree in Intercultural Studies from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. Her top five strengths are Positivity, Developer, Belief, Empathy, & Includer. She’s a two on the enneagram and an ENFJ on 16Personalities.
Brooke is passionate about loving Jesus and people well, holistic health, cross-cultural communication, family, and relationships. In her free time, she enjoys a great workout or run, playing soccer or hiking (the great outdoors), reading and writing (probably on Christian leadership or ethics), concerts, drinking coffee (you can see her with a mug any time of day), and a solid road trip, even a quick trip to the Met or Merc’s with some Johnnyswim playing. You can find Brooke’s office attached to the Gray/Beatty RA lounge, right off the lobby of GB. She’d love for you to stop by to chat, drink coffee or tell her… “if you could describe yourself as a cereal, what would you be?!”

WESLEY RODGERS | Area Coordinator of the FIRS and Student Apartments

Wesley Rodgers is an Area Coordinator for the Apartments and the FIRS. His role is to develop a team of Resident Assistants to ensure community and good living are developed on the hill. Having grown up as a Missionary Kid in China, Wesley found home in the residence halls when he was an undergraduate student at Crown College in Minnesota, and gained a passion for helping make college home for others. Originally from Texas, Wesley has lived in two countries and five states. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and his top five strengths are Command, Analytical, Futuristic, Input, and Intellection.
Wesley loves the Lord, his wife Emily, and connecting with others to hear their stories. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching films, playing sports, and cooking. You can find him in the Pecota Student Center right next to the Student Development offices.

MADDY MCGINNIS | Office and Communications Coordinator

Maddy McGinnis is the Office and Communications Coordinator. Her role involves directly assisting the Dean of Student Development, serving the office administratively, and creatively communicating upcoming campus events and important information to students. She earned her Bachelor’s in Children and Family Ministries from Northwest University in 2017. Having been an administrative coordinator for several non-profit organizations, she found her niche using those skills to build strong teams, and work alongside leaders to keep the machine in motion towards a collective vision. She was born and raised in the state of Washington and loves calling it home. Her top 5 strengths are Arranger, Relator, Restorative, Achiever, and Individualization, she’s an INFJ on 16personalities and a 2w3 on the enneagram.
Maddy loves learning new things, and connecting with new people over coffee. In her free time, she is usually watching movies, painting, paddleboarding, or spending time with close friends. You can find her front and center in the Student Development Office in Pecota Center, ready to answer your questions! 

CIARA SMITH | Graduate Assistant