Welcome to Complio Tracking and Screening!

IMPORTANT: Required documentation must be uploaded to American Data Bank by June 30th to retain your place in the Fall nursing cohort.  Failure to meet the deadlines and requirements of the onboarding process may jeopardize your place in the Fall nursing cohort.

Welcome to Complio Tracking & Screening!
Complio is an online tracking and screening system, selected by your school, to hold background check details and documentation proving your compliance. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create an account and move towards compliance.

Create your Account

NOTE: You may create your account between June 1 and June 30 of the year you will start the nursing program. You should wait to create your account until you have been admitted to the program. The subscription is valid for 36 months and must be active throughout your participation in the College of Nursing. Subscription extensions can be purchased through American Data Bank.

Step 1: Create an account by going to http://www.nunursingcompliance.com. Navigate to the Complio homepage by following the prompts on the page. Click Create an Account to get started. Enter your personal information. Be extra careful with your Email Address, as this is the system’s main mode of communication with you.

Step 2: Complio will send an email to the address used during account creation. Click on the Activation Link within the message or copy and paste the URL in your web browser.


Step 3: Please note: An Account is not the same as a placing an order or subscribing for tracking your immunizations. Click Get Started to begin your order. Select your program of study and click Load Packages. You must order a background check as well as subscription for tracking your immunizations. Select the required package that you were instructed to order.

Step 4: Other names and Residential history – Provide any alias/maiden names that have been used and provide seven (7) years residential history and click “Next” to continue.

Electronic Signature

Step 5: Please read the Disclosure and Authorization on the next screen, sign, and click Accept & Proceed to continue.

Review and Confirmation

Step 6: Carefully review the information you have provided, once the order has been placed you cannot change any information. If any information is incorrect you will be required to re-order at your own expense.

Step 7: Confirmation and Receipt – Once you have confirmed that your information is correct, please select payment of Credit/Debit Card or Money Order. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive a notification via email to your email address you provided with your order confirmation.

Immunization Details & Documents

Step 8: Click Upload Documents and use the Browse button to locate documents within your computer. Detailed instructions for document upload are provided in the full User Guide.

Step 9: Click Enter Requirement to add details for a specific requirement. There may be multiple options, but you may not need to complete them all. Refer to the Note for explanation of options.

Select a Requirement, complete the required fields and select from the drop-down list of documents you’ve uploaded. Click Submit to save what you’ve entered. You can Update the item at any time before it is approved.

Wait for Approval

At this time, the requirement is pending review and approval by an Administrator. American DataBank verifies items within 1-3 business day (excluding holidays and weekend).

Monitor Your Status

We recommend checking Complio regularly. You are not fully compliant until your Overall Compliance Status = Compliant, indicated with a Green Checkmark. Complio will notify you via email when your compliance status changes, if an item is approaching expiration, or if a new requirement is added.

Questions? American DataBank is available to assist you Monday-Friday 7am-6pm MST and Saturday 8am-5pm MST. You can contact us by email at complio@americandatabank.com or by calling 1-800-200-0853.

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