The new application cycle opens late October 2022 and will close January 31, 2023.  Applications must be complete to be reviewed.

Application Instructions
Application Reference Instructions
Northwest University IDs

Application Instructions

The application link will take you to the NursingCAS “Apply” page. Follow the steps listed below once the application is open.

  • Select Fall 2022 from the drop down menu (the term you will start the nursing program)
  • Click the red APPLY button
  • Create an account
  • Select the Full Programs List tab
  • Locate Northwest University under the School drop-down box
  • Click on the blue + next to Northwest University

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Application to the Buntain College of Nursing 2022 Cohort Application to Northwest University


Agreement to Support Mission, Vision, and Purpose Essential Qualifications for the BSN Students
Statement of Understanding  International Travel Policy

Northwest University ID Number                                                                                 { back to top }

There are several places to find your NU ID number.

  • On your acceptance notification
  • On your transfer report

Reference Instructions                                                                                                 { back to top }

The Buntain College of Nursing requires two references for each applicant, a Christian mentor, and a college level faculty member. A reference writer may not be a family member. Applicants must ensure selected references follow directions as indicated by NursingCAS.                                                                                                               


All transcripts must be sent to both NursingCAS and Northwest University.

  • See the NurisngCAS Applicant Help Center for a breif overview and detailed instructions are available at “Sending Official Transcripts to NursingCAS“. Note: Official transcripts for all colleges and universities you have attended are required, regardless of academic status, degree, certificate, or completion factors.
  • NursingCAS needs your application number included with your transcript/s. We recommend that NU students upload the NursingCAS Transcript ID Form to the NU National Student Clearing House Transcript Ordering Center. This will aid NursingCAS in matching up your transcript with your  application. 
  • If you are transferring to NU official transcripts are required from all colleges and universities you have attended, regardless of academic status, degree, certificate, or completion factors. Transcripts must be sent to one of the following addresses: 
      • Electronic Copies (preferred method):
      • Hard Copies:  Northwest University, Traditional Enrollment Office, P.O. Box 579, Kirkland, WA  98083

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