2019-20 Academic Year Dates

Fall 19 Semester | Session A: Sep 2 – Oct 21, 2019, Session B: Oct 28 – Dec 16, 2019
Spring 20 Semester | Session A: Jan 13 – Mar 2, 2020, Session B: Mar 19 – Apr 27, 2020

Enrollment Guide

Here is a Student Enrollment Checklist.
Here is the all-in-one booklet that can be downloaded for students or coordinators and kept throughout the entire enrollment process.


1. Internship Application – Request from your Coordinator
2. NPP Application (for new and re-entry* applicants)
3. Mail all Official Transcripts to:

Northwest University
NPP Admissions, Barton Building, College of Adult & Professional Studies
PO Box 579, Kirkland, WA 98083

Homeschool Transcript Form

*If you were a student last semester, you are a continuing student. You are a re-entry student only if you have taken a semester or longer off. If you are a re-entry student, please list NU under the previous education section of the online form.

* SAT and/or ACT test scores are not required to apply. Submit them only if they are available. For help with the NU Application, contact your Coordinator.

Financial Aid / Student Accounts

For help with Financial Aid or Student Accounts, email NPP Financial Services.
1. Fill out your FAFSA (Use Code 003783)
2. Click here to learn about the Financial Aid process and what to expect next.