Planning Your Internship Orientation

The purpose of this page is to provide all of the resources needed for Coordinators to conduct their own Student Orientations whenever they see fit. It will also serve as an ongoing resource for students to refer back to throughout the school year. Coordinators can download the Student Orientation suggested Agenda items here.

Redeem Orientation Weekend Example
Canvas Orientation Example

NU Student Orientation Resources

Dr. Castleberry’s Welcome Video (2:23)
NPP Photo Slideshow (2:32)

Have students bring their laptops to Academic Orientation during the first or second week of study hall so they can navigate Eagle and NU Online campus along with the Demonstration videos

Download NPP Student Orientation Guide here.
Download NPP Student First Day of Class Checklist here.
Download Overview of Northwest Partnership Program here.

CLICK HERE for all of the Academic videos and links to go through with students on your Orientation day. Make sure to also spend time reviewing your Internship policies and procedures, as well as getting to know each other.