Korean Sister Universities

At each of NU’s Korean Sister universities, you only have to pay your NU tuition. Your tuition at your chosen Korean university is waived. Each school provides different scholarships, such as airfare, living stipends, housing, and many more to help NU students financially when studying abroad.



For Spring applications, please schedule a meeting with CELE by Nov. 15


Ewha Womans University:

  • First recognized University in South Korea
  • 47% of South Korea’s female political ministers graduated from Ewha
  • First female Prime Minister and Supreme Court Justice attended
  • 19,000 students
  • Internationally renowned—visited by Jane Goodall and Hilary Clinton
  • 200 courses taught in English
  • Movie theater, student-run boutique, unique modern and traditional architecture on campus
  • Korean Language classes— free of charge


Handong Global University

  •  Est. in 1995, already 3,500 students
  •  Praised for innovation and a strong Law program
  •  1/3 of classes taught in English
  •  Located on the East Sea (Sea of Japan) coast
  •  Students known for integrity
  •  Korean Language classes— free of charge
  • Learn more here: Handong Global University
  • Course Listings HGU course list_SF2017

Soongsil University

  • Began as a Christian University in Pyon Yang, North Korea and closed during occupation and Korean War
  • Reopened in Seoul in 1954
  • Ranked #2 after Seoul University
  • 15,000 students
  • Korean Language classes— free of charge
  • Over 70 clubs ranging from rap to fencing
  • Historic museum on Christianity in Korea holds the first Bible ever translated into Korean
  • Learn more here: Soongsil University
  • Soongsil University Course List Soongsil Undergrad_Course List (Fall 2016 & Spring 2017)

Gachon University

Hansei University

  • Began as an A/G (Full Gospel) seminary
  • Pastor Yongii Cho: founding chancellor
  • Current President: Kim Sung Hae (well known pianist, Dr. Cho’s wife)
  • Strong Music programs
  • Received 4 billion for environmentally-safe education
  • Has been awarded over 5 billion in the last 5 years for research
  • Invented a mouse which can be used by severely disabled people
  • Many areas for practice of foreign language
  • Korean Language classes—free of charge
  • Learn more here: Hansei University