New Features In Prezi

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Prezi has changed the way it looks, but not the way it works.  If you have a Prezi account, you probably received an email recently that showed you the new look to Prezi.

There are many new features such as 3-D templates and added symbols and shapes, but the real changes are in the way Prezi looks and functions.  The large tool wheel at the top left that allowed you to add frames, themes, edit the path, and insert shapes, videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc is now gone! (You have the option of retaining it until January 1, 2013, but then it will be relic on the pile of technology we once thought cutting edge.)  However, all of those features are now broken out into individual buttons and located across the top tool bar, which make them more visible and accessible.  Additionally, the Presentation and Edit Path buttons are also moved to new locations (both on the left hand side above the thumbnails of each frame).

I have created a Prezi (of course) that lays out what is new, different, and the same.  Obviously, the Prezi website has a wealth of information and videos as well!


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