Requirements and Expectations

2020 Nursing Cohort

Please read this information carefully and follow directions completely before your arrival in August.

Medical Clearance Form:

  • The Medical Clearance Form documents your physical ability to participate in clinical experiences and must be completed. A record of all past or present health issues which may impair full participation in a university nursing program must be included.
  • The completed Medical Clearance Form must be uploaded to the American Data Bank (ADB) website by June 30.
  • You cannot start class on August 31, 2020 without verification from ADB and may forfeit your place in the cohort.

Immunization Records:

  • Evidence of current immunization status is required by all clinical sites (hospitals, long-term facilities, etc.). It is your responsibility to fulfill all requirements.
  • You cannot participate in the clinical courses without evidence of immunizations for the diseases listed on the Junior Information Page with the exception of the influenza vaccine which is required once it is available each fall.
  • All immunization documentation must be uploaded to American Data Bank by June 30.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when all immunization requirements are satisfactorily met.

 Travel Passport Requirements

  • Upload a copy of your travel passport to American Data Bank by June 30.
  • The expiration date on your passport must beon or after October 30, 2022.

CPR – American Heart Association BLS – for healthcare professionals; Adult,  Infant, Child, AED certification

  • This information will be uploaded soon.

Prerequisite completion requirement

  • All prerequisite courses must be complete on or before June 30, of the year you are entering the nursing program. Courses taken at NU are an exception to this and must be complete on the last day of the NU summer term.