Frequently Asked Questions

What should I purchase for a uniform?

The College of Nursing uniform consists of charcoal gray scrubs with the NU logo, a white lab coat with the NU logo, and white shoes. The scrubs and lab coat are only available for purchase through Acorn Uniforms

  1. Go to the Acorn Uniforms website.
  2. In the upper right corner click on the “Group Sign In” link.
  3. In the text box that pops up type “NU2020” and click enter.
  4. You are now at the NU BCON Landing Page. After you review the information on this page simply click the Blue box that says “Shop My NW University Group” and start shopping. 

NOTE:  We recommend purchasing a minimum of 2 Scrub Tops and 2 Scrub Bottoms. A clean uniform must be worn each clinical day. (There are two clinical days a week.)

A short or long sleeved t-shirt or camisole undergarment is permitted. The color must be black or white and should not extend below the scrub top.

Note: Be prepared to pay between $150.00+ for the scrub top, pants, and lab coat


Additional required components of the uniform:

  • White shoes – comfortable for extended periods of walking and standing
    • Closed toe
    • Sports shoes are permitted but they must be all white
    • Shoes must be water resistant 
  • Hosiery: Black or white socks or white or skin-toned pantyhose/tights
  • Analog wrist watch with second hand, easy to read, and water resistant

What should I purchase for clinical and skills equipment?

  •  Manual blood pressure cuff (traditional sphygmomanometer): The 79 or 882 series from Prestige Medical are recommended. Available at Acorn Uniform.  
  • Stethoscope: The Littmann Classic III or the S126 by Prestige Medical are recommended. Available through suppliers such as Medisave or Acorn Uniform. If you choose to purchase a different brand of stethoscope, you will need approval from the skills lab instructor. 

How can I prepare academically for the fall?

Many students express an interest in preparing for the nursing program over the summer. This is an excellent plan.

The NURS 3346 Fundamentals of Nursing textbook (Lippincott- CoursePoint Enhanced for Craven’s Fundamentals of Nursing), available as part of the Lippincott Junior textbook package, is used throughout the first semester and the Saunders 2024-2025 Clinical Judgment and Test-Taking Strategies (noted on the NURS 3346 textbook list as optional). 

Other recommendations for preparing for nursing school this summer include reviewing basic mathematical skills, basic unit conversions, and anatomy and physiology.

What is a typical schedule for a junior year nursing student?

The schedule will be full, intense, exciting, and fun. A typical week includes lecture classes and nursing skills lab Monday through Wednesday and Clinical is on Thursday and Friday. See the Junior Cohort Information page for the fall schedule.

The nursing program is time-intensive and academically rigorous. We recommend any outside work be limited to one 8-hour shift per week.

Will I need a car for transportation?

Travel to and from the clinical site is the responsibility of the nursing student. If you do not have a car, you will need to arrange transportation. Some clinical assignments are attended by a single student at various times of the day or night. Do not expect to always be able to carpool or take bus transportation.

What is the required completion date for prerequisites?

All prerequisite courses must be complete on or before June 30, of the year you are entering the nursing program. Courses taken at NU are an exception to this and must be complete on the last day of the NU summer term.

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