New Student Housing (Fall 2024)

New Student Housing & Off Campus Applications are available on March 15, 2024!

Welcome to Northwest University Residence Life and Housing. We are so excited to welcome you to your new home! As you know, we are a residential campus with the belief that education is enhanced by the living-learning communities students experience when living on campus. It is proven that students who live on campus form lasting relationships and achieve a greater level of sustained learning and academic success. To facilitate this type of success, all full-time, unmarried undergraduate students 25 and under are required to live on campus. Students who wish to pursue living off campus should review the Off Camps Policy to confirm they qualify and complete an Off Campus Application through MyHousing. 

Read this Welcome Letter to find out some helpful information as you start the journey of registering for housing or an off campus exemption! We hope this will help make the process much more clear for you. Additionally, please watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to apply. 

Finding a Roommate! Each year, we have THREE options for you to find a roommate:

  • You Choose! This may be someone you know OR someone you met through an NU event! OR, you can use RoomeeZ, a program through our housing software that helps you find a good roommate pairing. Please watch the how-to video here to understand this process better. 
  • Let us help you! Not sure who to room with and don’t want to deal with finding someone? No worries, we can do this for you by using your preferences listed on your application!
  • Choose to live with an international student. We welcome in around 40 new international students each fall. These are students who are typically here for a semester or a year. This is a great opportunity to room with someone of a different culture than you! If you are interested in this, identify this on your housing application. If you’ve already submitted your housing application, email and say “Please put me with an international student!”. 

As you have conversations with potential roommates, we’ve created a helpful resource you can use with one another: Tips on How to Select a Roommate

We will be doing housing placements for incoming traditional students on June 13, July 5, July 23, and August 9. All roommate pairs must be selected via myhousing a day before each of these dates to be considered. For any students not paired by July 22 or later, we will find you a roommate and provide you with a housing placement. Students must be registered for Fall 24 classes to receive a housing assignment.

*Residence Life and Housing will work to accommodate any formal housing accommodation requests. However, these will be handled on a case-by-case basis as space and resources allow, and are not guaranteed. A houisng disability accommodation is limited to a students who have a severe disability-related housing need. Students who plan to request housing accommodations, please do so as soon as possible by emailing Deadline for fall housing accommodations is July 1. 

Take some time to review the links below to become better acclimated with how we do Housing at NU! If you have ANY questions please email us at

Curious for more details about what to bring or what not to bring? Click here to read a helpful packing list!

Resident Resources

Ready to apply for housing? Refer to the New Student Welcome Letter! Make sure you have your NU email address and student ID# handy. You will need to log in to the Eagle Website first. A how-to-apply video is here for you. 

Click here to apply for Housing

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