Northwest University ID Cards

Students are required to present their Northwest University ID Card for admission to the Caf, athletic events, and the Eagle Fitness Center.  It is also required to check out materials from the Hurst Library (and other cooperating institutions’ libraries) or to use Flex Dollars at the Caf or Aerie Café.

Enforcing these requirements consistently helps to ensure that students are getting the most for their investment.

Temporary and Replacement Cards

Temporary and replacement cards may be requested from the Information Technology Help Desk (Barton 160) during business hours or via IT Help Request (email Charges are applied to your University Account.

  • Temporary ID Key Cards – $5.00
    Temporary cards include a barcode and card access functionality, and expire one week after issue.  After that time, card access functionality is disabled.
    Temporary cards that are not returned to the IT Help Desk will incur an additional $20.00 fee; this fee will be $25.00 if no initial fee was charged (e.g. temporary cards issued to new students).
  • Replacement ID Key Cards – $25.00
    When a replacement card is issued, it automatically inactivates the card access functionality of the original card.
    If a temporary card was recently issued ($5.00 fee), the replacement fee will be $20.00.

Card Access to Campus Buildings

Kirkland Campus students and employees are issued ID Key Cards that allow access to several buildings/areas on campus. ID Key Cards should be treated with the same security as a regular key.  If you lose your card, please stop by the Information Technology Help Desk (Barton 160) to have your lost card inactivated as soon as possible!

In general, non-residential buildings are accessible as follows:

  • Exterior doors are unlocked on weekdays, 7:00am-7:00pm
  • Students have card access daily, 6:00am-11:00pm
  • Employees have card access daily, 24/7
  • The Hurst Library is unlocked during library hours, with 24/7 card access to the lobby and Study Space.
  • Students have access to residence halls based on housing assignment and academic population.

More Information

  • Card Care
    Special care should be taken to not damage or puncture key cards, as it will break the internal components.  If you want to attach your key card to your keychain or a lanyard, visit the Information Technology Help Desk (Barton 160) to pick up a card clip.
  • Expired Cards
    Continuing students can stop by the Library, Information Technology Help Desk, or check with their graduate/program coordinator to get a validation sticker each year to keep their ID card updated.  There is no charge for validation stickers.
  • Card Interference
    If you carry your NU ID Key Card and another card with contactless technology (e.g. credit or transit card), the other card may interfere with your NU Key Card’s ability to open doors.  Simply separating your NU ID Key Card when trying to open a door will resolve this issue.

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