Meet the Team

Executive Team

President: Brandon Jones

Class standing: Senior

Major: Ministry Leadership

Why did you join ASNU: I love this community deeply and wanted to play a part in advocating for it.

Go to Taco Bell order: 2 chicken quesadillas with a large Baja blast freeze and the occasional nacho fries (if in season)

Little known fact: I grew up raising donkeys and can now effectively communicate with them.

Vice President: Gracie Robeson

Class standing: Senior

Major: English

Why did you join ASNU: Because nobody else wanted to do it. But also because I love being a part of an organization that helps raise up future student leaders and empowers the student body to have a voice and USE it!

Go to Taco Bell order: 2 bean and cheese burritos, no sauce, an order of chips and cheese, and a Dr. pepper.

Little known fact: The most exotic meat I’ve ever eaten is Kangaroo.

Chief of Staff: Alex Hernandez

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major: Biology (Pre-med)

Why did you join ASNU: I joined because I wanted to be a part of making community life flourish. I also want to empower students to become student leaders themselves. As COS, I am most excited to lead all campus clubs to greater success.

Go to Taco Bell order: 2 chalupa supremes, no tomato, 1 spicy potato soft taco, and a blue raspberry lemonade freeze.

Little known fact: I am trilingual (English, Spanish, French) (Korean on the way)

2021-2022 Student Senators

At-Large: Hillarie Markfort

At-Large: Blessing Mhlanga

Commuters: Clara Strassell

Sisterhood: Aisha Amaya-Ulloa

Jungle: Adela Cortez Ventura

Wolfpack: Chris Brunken

The Hive: Athena Mantalas

The Ducks and Chicks: Morgan Jamieson

The Den: Anna Whitten