Student Services Fee Allocations

Fall 2022 Student Services Fee Breakdown

EFC / Athletics – $30,702

This pays for the Eagle Fitness Center and associated costs, including student and professional staffing and equipment maintenance. It also allows students to get into athletic events free of charge.

Student Center Maintenance – $400

This cost originated when students asked for extended hours for Pecota.

Bad Debt – $910

Bad debt is created when students neglect to pay the service fee. This is accounted for in the budget. 

Student Leadership Scholarship – $61,395 

This includes ASNU, SAB, MOSAIC, and Campus Ministries. NU values student leadership greatly and provides scholarships to those involved as a sign of gratitude and encouragement for students to participate.

Campus Ministries – $17,750

Campus Ministries uses these funds to provide supplies for the worship team and associated groups, run events like Chic Chat and Fellaship, and provide pastoral care to students. They also put on local and global missions events. Additionally, these funds are also used for events like conferences, retreats, and Pursuit. Part of this budget is also used to provide honorariums, travel, and lodging for guest speakers.

Multicultural Life – $7,000

These funds are used to host events that encourage students to engage in other cultures and broaden their worldview. A majority of funding is used by MOSAIC. 

Res Life – $9,200

These funds are strictly used for programming, which includes living area events, floor events, and all-campus/community events like Halls-O-Ween.

Leadership Development – $9,000

These funds are used to fund retreats and training and provide resources so that students are able to fulfill their leadership roles and serve the school to the best of their ability.

Student Activities Board (SAB) – $22,000

These funds are used to create events that allow students to actively engage with each other in the NU community. Having a variety of events throughout the year allows all students to participate and engage. 

Evening – $5,000

Evening is our end-of-the-year Spring formal. 

ASNU Development – $1,543

These funds are used for office supplies, team development, and other necessary expenses.

ASNU Senate – $500

This is used to supply funding for Senate projects and other student-initiated proposals to enhance campus life.

ASNU Clubs – $2,600

This funds the initial allocation for clubs as well as funding for larger proposed club events.

Debate – $500

This is an elevated-club, that travels to debate as a team against other schools. 

Special Projects – $10,000

This budget helps fund larger campus projects like the installation of the Water Bottle fillers, new furniture outside Pecota, and ASNU Merch. 


Why is there a fee?

Students are rarely charged for services or events, even including athletics. Having this fee allows students to access events and services all year for no additional charge.

Why does it cost this much?

The Student Services Fee typically increases at the same rate as tuition each year in order to keep up with costs, especially scholarships. Compared to universities similar to NU, $500/year is low. SPU charges $658/year, George Fox charges $680/year and Whitworth charges $1,290/year.

I don’t participate in anything. Why do I have to pay?

Students all have a fair opportunity to participate in any programs and receive any services that funding is provided for. All students have access, so all students are required to pay.

I’m a commuter, why do I pay for residence life?

The funding here is programming-specific. Examples of events that have used this funding are GPC or GB passives, Halls-O-Ween, and a Christmas Party, which have been popular among a wide range of students and are open to everyone.

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