ASNU Forms

New Club Registration – This form should be filled out and submitted by anyone looking to start a new club on campus.

Club Change of Leadership-This form should be filled out if any recognized club or organization has a change of leadership. It should be utilized in order to update ASNU of a change in the leaders contact information.

Event Request Form– This form should be filled out by any ASNU recognized club or organization preparing to host an event on campus.

Funding Proposal– Any ASNU recognized club, organization, or any member of the student body may submit a Funding Proposal to Senate through the ASNU Funding Proposal Form.

P-Card Check Out– Any club or organization that has already completed a Funding Proposal and been approved for funding should fill out this form in order to receive the P-Card. This form should also be filled out by any club or organization needing to use the P-card for purchases within their allocated money.

Extended Rental Form 

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