Funding & Resources

ASNU Funding

Proposals must be submitted to the ASNU Vice President at least 24 hours in advance of the Student Senate meeting via Forms on Life at NU. To utilize this resource, please take note of the following information:

Submit Proposal: Any ASNU recognized club, organization, or any member of the student body may submit a Funding Proposal to Senate through the ASNU Funding Proposal Form. 

Approval Process: The Senate will vote to pass or deny a funding proposal. Senate reserves the right to allot only a portion of the amount requested, the full amount, or deny the request outright. A representative is encouraged to be present at the Senate meeting to present the Funding Proposal. If your organization is allotted any funding, your proposal will be submitted to the director of Community Life who will notify you if your request has been administratively denied or passed.

Approved Proposals: Congratulations! If your proposal has been approved, You must follow purchasing procedures as outlined in the ASNU Handbook. A detailed emailed will be sent with the relevant information.

P-Card Process: In order to get the P-Card for any purchases for approved proposals/funding request, the P-Card form must be submitted. This form can be found on the Life at NU Website under the “Forms” tab.

Note: No individual member of a club or organization shall personally profit from any activity affiliated with the club, use funds for any expenses unrelated to the funding request, or solicit funds for personal use from club or organization members.

Check Out Procedure

All ASNU resources are made available to students at no cost. This includes all board games, sports equipment, outdoor gear, and speakers. To utilize these resources, please take note of the following information:

Reservations: Students may reserve equipment in person at the office or through the Check Out Form on Life at NU. All reservations and forms for items being checked out overnight are required to be submitted 1 day in advance. While there is no limit to the amount of equipment one student can reserve, it is at the discretion of ASNU to approve a request. We typically encourage students to check out equipment with a 3 day maximum limit; however, depending on the situation and event, exceptions can be made.

Checkout: Upon approval of your check out request, a date and time will be given for you to come and pick up the item from the ASNU Office. Please check your NU email during this time and be alert for updates.

Daily Rentals: Items that are only used for the day and will be returned within the same day do not require reservation or any forms to be submitted prior to use, simply contact a Senator or visit the office and sign out the item.

Return: All items and equipment being returned must be checked in by a Senator. Items cannot be left at the office without being checked back in. Any item and equipment returned without being checked in will incur a late fee. Students will be held accountable for all equipment checked out to them until it is returned and checked in by a Senator