Northwest University Student Senate exists to create opportunities for students to be heard and empowered by providing resources that will enable them to serve God and their community.

Upcoming Elections:

Senator applications for 2023-2024 are open NOW! Complete the application here. Elections will be held September 15-16th, 2023.

Application Forms:

Senator Job Description

Senator Application

What does Senate do?

One of the most important ways that ASNU effects change at our school is through Senate. Senate hears the concerns and ideas of students and proposes legislation to enact creative solutions and additions to campus. There are four elected senators, representing the Guy/Perks/Crowder dorm, the Grey/Beatty dorm, the Apartments/FIRs living area, and our commuter students.

Whether you want to form a club, get funds for club activities, change a policy, or see the need for something new on campus, bring your ideas to Senate! Contact us at

Senate meetings are at 4pm every Wednesday and are open to the public.

Students are always welcome to attend meetings even if you aren’t elected as a Senator, and we welcome your input and suggestions.

Funding Requests and Proposals

If you would like to submit a request for funding, please check out the ASNU Funding Proposal. Funding proposals are due the Tuesday prior to the Wednesday meeting. The proposal must be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the time you need funding. For more questions, please email

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